The Last Milking at Dairy Farm, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 11th January 2007

It's the end of an era as another small farm suffers at the whim of market forces and ruthless price competition led by the supermarkets: Dairy Farm in Thrandeston sells the milking herd and closes the parlour after one hundred years of family tradition. Wavy performs the penultimate milking the evening before the herd are taken away; Nosher's there to document the event.

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A cow exits the dairy

Curious moos wander over to see what's occuring

Black and white Fresians in black and white

A cow kicks off the suckers. Some stray milk splashes the floor

Wavy applies antiseptic to the teats

Cows in milking stalls

The yard at Dairy Farm

Feeding stalls

Cattle feeding stalls, which look strangely like urinals

A cow's arse, and a milk flow read-out

An exiting cow looks back

Wavy is surrounded by a load of udders

A cow tit

Wavy cleans out milking suckers

A curious cow licks at the prospect of eating a camera

More comedy cow noses

The cows mill around in the dusk

Dairy Farm's yard in the dusk

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A cow exits the dairy