A Framlingham Picnic, Suffolk - 17th June 2006

The Mikey-P Massive arranges a bit of a picnic in the grounds of Framlingham Castle as it's Guv's birthday. It's a perfect summer's day: Nosher arrives eventually after taking the back-roads through Worlingworth and Saxtead, and hangs around for a few hours in the sun (well, under a tree actually) before a quick tour around the church before returning home for some fun-packed chores.

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On the road from Worlingworth to Saxtead: a shire horse pulls a cart

As they pass, the driver asks whether they'll be in the paper soon...

A shop flying a million flags, in Framlingham

Mikey-P swigs a can of fizz

A be-hatted Guv, and a bottle of Stella

Clare zeds out on the grass

This photo is the right way up: Clare walks around as Nosher lies on the grass

Framlingham Castle's curtain wall, and the view over to Framlingham College

Park bench under the spreading chestnut tree

The Boy Phil kicks about with Guv

The Mikey-P Massive return from a trip to the Castle Inn's bogs

A fantastic tree, taking whilst lying on the ground looking up

The gang mill around outside the castle

Framlingham Church

Detail from the roof of Framlingham Church

The church clock

Blue bolts on a yellow door

Stained-glass window

An organist gets some practice in for a gig later that evening

Close up of a stained-glass window

Playing the organ

A gargoyle in Fram church

A stone column lit by the evening light, and a pew-end finial

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On the road from Worlingworth to Saxtead: a shire horse pulls a cart