A relic of old media - Roll On Blank Tapes

A relic of old media - Roll On Blank Tapes

Roll On Blank Tapes on Gwydir Street

60s apartments behind Mill Road Cemetery

A park bench in Mill Road Cemetery

Nosher drinks Leffe

Ben plays with Nosher's camera

Clare, Ben and Hani

Nick, Clare and Ben

The gang at the Fort St. George

Nick sticks his tongue out

Clare and Ben

Nick does his stare

Ben, Hani and Andrew

Nick looks up as Clare looks glum

Nick does some tray spinning


Isobel looks at the collection of books in CB1

A view out of the café window

Nosher looks up

Nosher again

Neighbours stop for coffee and a chat

Commodore PETs in a café

Isobel fiddles with her sunglasses

Neighbours meet

The boarded-up Hot Numbers record shop

Hot Numbers record shop on Kingston Street