San Francisco Part 3: Golden Gate Bridge - 11th March 2006

The final part of a two-night stop in San Francisco (on the way back to the UK for a few days) involves the hiring of a bike from Blazing Saddles' outpost on Fisherman's Wharf waterfront, to cycle from there over to Sausalito across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It's a great ride, which involves some major hill-related action (including one in Marin County that's too steep to cycle up), and an incredible wind which blasts constantly across the deck of the bridge.

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Looking back at the Trans-America Building

Some old Bauhaus-style concrete emplacement on the pier

A statue in Chrissy Park

The Golden Gate Bridge, in red-filtered black-and-white

A self-timer shot of Nosher and his purple hair, in front of the bridge

On the bridge deck, looking up at the cables

A vintage dire engine drives by

Straight up one of the towers

Placque dedicated to the engineers and builders of the bridge

Suspension cables

Nosher stands in Marin County, Calif, having cycled there on a Marin bike

Classic view of the bridge

Remains of a gun emplacement

The bridge looms over the fort

Curious red stains in a concrete bunker

Derelict timber-framed building

Another classic view of the golden Gate

Looking through the cables of the bridge to the city of San Francisco

Another detail view looking straight up the north tower

Looking south along the bridge

Back on the San Franciso south-side of the bridge

Palm trees, buildings and joggers

Evening view of the Transamerica building looking down Columbus

Copper-clad building

The original Transamerica building

Derelict San Fran

Looking up at the Transamerica Pyramid

The Powell and Hyde tram

Gaudy lights in a shop

Market Street has a bit of a New York steam thing going on

Downtown San Franscisco

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Looking back at the Trans-America Building