San Francisco Part 1: Chinatown to Telegraph Hill - 11th March 2006

At the end of a curtailed two-week working trip to San Diego, Nosher wangles a trip to San Francisco, allowing for an entire day of exploration around somewhere that had been on the "list of places to go" for ages. The weather didn't look too promising on the flight in, with some apparently-rare snow (which caused a 31-car pile-up on Route 101 in Sausalito) followed by general rain, but Saturday, although starting a bit dull, improved into a gorgeous day. The first part of the day involved a walk from the Marriott on Fourth Avenue, through Chinatown, up to Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, across to Lombard Street (the twisty one) and then down to the waterfront...

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The entrance to Chinatown, early in the morning, is quiet

A church, intimidated by an adjacent office block

The last 'R' on the sign is so slight, it looks like Bazaaa

A woman crosses the road

A shopkeeper opens up

Chinatown street

Derelict redbrick apartments and fire escapes

Brightly-coloured fish

An irreverent modification to a patriotic wall mural

Chinese flags

Back-street alleyways

Red-painted random brick wall

Peace and revolution in Mexico

More of the colourful Mexican mural up a Chinatown alley

First clear sighting of the Transamerica Building at the end of Columbus

Building murals seem to be popular. This one depicts a jazz scene

A woman with a stick struggles up a hill

Not quite the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover, howeverr this is the other end of the HP 'bouncing balls' advert street


Palm tree and picturesque residences

Aerial views from the top of Coit Tower, on Telegraph Hill

Downtown San Francisco

looking out of the top of Coit Tower

Quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies on the ledges of Coit Tower

Fisherman's Wharf, on the right, and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

At the foot of Coit Tower, agricultural wall murals are everywhere

Orange pickers

Black-and-white wall urinal (and why not?)

A statue stares out at Alcatraz Island

The landmark Coit Tower

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The entrance to Chinatown, early in the morning, is quiet