Revolution Records' Epilogue, and a Night in Cambridge - 27-28th January 2006

The tragic demise of Nosher's beloved independent record shop Revolution Records, in Diss, comes to completion, with the final-ever day. Although it had already pretty much stopped moving new stock several days ago, it remained open for a little while longer to sell the remains of the second-hand department and some of the fixtures-and-fittings. Inside, Mark did some stock-taking whilst Wes showed Nosher some photos of the old Harleston shop and his time on the steps of Abbey Road studios. Despite not having a turntable, I even ended up buying about 10 vinyl albums which had some sort of personal relevance. On a cheerier note, the night before was a return to the pubs of Cambridge and Isobel's penthouse pad for a "Kismet" curry plus several beers and a session on guitar...

next album: GR8 Live at the Cock Inn, Diss - 4th February 2006
previous album: The Tilting Sky Launch Party, Norwich Arts Centre - 24th January 2006

The guys at head office in San Diego wanted a photo of the Cambridge offices, so here it is

'Rusty' McHugh - shortly departing for a stint living in San Diego - chats in the kitchen whilst eating Furry Fruit

The offices have been equipped with all-new chairs, so the old ones wait in a huddle for destruction

Isoble and Janet in the penthouse

Janet, James and Isobel's flatmate Caroline

'Bus Stop' Rachel and her fella in The Empress, Cambridge

Darts and stick-game

Nosher in The Empress pub

Isobel plays some tunes on guitar

Mark freaks out after doing stock-taking all morning in Revolution Records

One of the other regulars chats to Wes over boxes of vinyl

The remains of the shop

The front of the shop has been re-arranged for the final hours

Mark, his girlfriend, and Mick Hucknall out of Simply Red continue stock-taking

Hazel mills around

An almost-empty shop

Outside, vultures pick over the remains

A small knot of people outside the shop

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The guys at head office in San Diego wanted a photo of the Cambridge offices, so here it is