The BBs Rock'n'Roll Life, Kenninghall - 2nd December 2005

The BBs play at Kenninghall Memorial Hall - a quaint 1940s building due to be demolished in favour of some breezeblock replacement as soon as the village can raise enough money. Behind the stage is our "green room" - a room stuffed with some classic 70s kitsch, including multi-coloured PVC chairs and an ancient TV. The TV acts as a great prop for some attempts at "photos worthy of an album cover" - Jo and Max join in with the fun.

next album: Diss Miscellany - 3rd December 2005
previous album: Alex Hill At Bar 13 and a Most Haunted Episode, Diss - 1st December 2005

Another rainbow over Cambridge - the double can just be seen above

Rainbow close-up over the Phillip's building on Cowley Road

The stage is ready in Kenninghall Memorial Hall

The band hang out. Nosher eats sausage rolls and mince pies (first of the year)

Nosher, taken by Max


Max chats to a local

PVC chairs in the green room

Rob sends a text

Jo and Max

Jo and Max are joined by a friend of Jo's

Max tries to tune the TV in

Jo looking through a glass

Old television: it's a Pye studioColour

Building decay

Flourescent lights

Album-cover candidate?

Jo with a roll-up

Lighting a ciggie

In the room

Watching TV. There's nothing on.

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Another rainbow over Cambridge - the double can just be seen above