Autumn leaves in Diss Park

Autumn leaves in Diss Park

A winter tree

Autumn leaves on the ground in the park

Some geese roam around looking for trouble

A view from Denmark Street

The austere Baptist Chapel on Denmark Hill

Nosher bumps into Penny of Suffolk County Council

Some mystery mini-catacombs on Shelfanger Road

Cat 'B' - The Sock - lurks on the stairs

Nosher's former office was the middle window

A flag hangs ouside the former Printec offices

Nosher's old office on Vince's Road

Looking down Vinces Road

The door to the old heatset-printing shed

The former coldset printing shed is straight ahead

An empty office to let

Discarded service duct on the edge of Mission Road

A new roundabout is built

The remains of Mission Road

A portaloo in the middle of a muddy field

The drain seems a little proud of the ground

Little boxes, made out of tiffy-taffy

A show house on the new road

Signs of life as a builder walks past

A brick wall under construction

Another brick in the wall

The Portaloo again

Tyre tracks, and half-finished garages

A coned-off bit of Mission Road

The road to nowhere

Discarded Sawmills Road sign

A new traffic island

More pipe is lying around

The New Buckenham Silver Band plays at Somerfield

Twiglet Carl plays cornet by Somerfield

The band plays 'In the Bleak Midwinter'

A shop on Mere Street gets some work done

Christmas decoration in Larter and Ford

The Browne's boys: Dan, Roger and Richard

Dan Dan the Meat Man, of Browne's Butchers in Diss

Richard's in the till

Roger Browne checks some notes

Roger and Richard

Richard chops something up

Christmas tinsel outside 'This 'n' That'

The Salvation Army band plays

The Sally Army band outside NatWest

Down by Mere's Mouth

There's a bird explosion over the Oaksmere

Sophie in a tree, in the late-afternoon light

Soph-bags has a yowl

The Sock stands on a bird bath and does a tail swish