Demolition Diss: The Destruction of Padley's and Remains of The Feather Mills, Diss - 12th November 2005

So Nosher has a thing about demolition? From recent photos it might seem like the whole of Diss is being demolished in one way or another. This particular smashie-smashie session is just behind Safeway's (now Morrisons, boo) in Diss where the old Padley's Chicken processing factory is being trashed (probably to make room for more car-parking space). In an increasingly common moment of occupational hazzard, one of the demolition dudes even wanders over to interrogate Nosher: they're obviously worried about complaints or something. Almost next to Padley's is the old Norfolk Feather Mills, and whilst this is not actually being demolished at the moment, it is nevertheless derelict and so falls into another favourite category, and thus is worthy of more pics. The Feather Mills used to process feathers from the numerous chicken farms in the area, presumably for pillows and the like.

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Mostly-cleared wasteland on Padley's old site

Tangle of metal in the sun

A pit in the ground

Solitary digger bucket and pylon

Skip, digger and rubble

discarded sunglasses


A demolisher returns from a food-foraging mission at Morrisons

Open door

A digger parks on a heap of rubble

Norfolk Feather Mills

Back at Padley's demolition.

Electrical substation

A give-way sign with nothing and nowhere to give way to

Geoff C's Nissen hut

Geoff in the kitchen

Brenda looking all enigmatic

Sawing wood up

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Mostly-cleared wasteland on Padley's old site