A pile of rubble and discarded farm equipment

A pile of rubble and discarded farm equipment

A digger perches on a pile of rubble

The end of a building remains

A pit in the ground

A tangle of metal in the sun

A solitary digger bucket, and a pylon

Skip, digger and rubble

A portakabin's on the huh

discarded sunglasses

Primitive tags on the wall

A demolisher returns from Morrisons

An open door

The old Feather Mills buildings

Boarded-up buildings

Padley's main entrace

Back at Padley's demolition.

Scattered remains near the 1940s huts

Redundant signage

A derelict building's roof has seen better days

Derelict fatory buildings

An electrical substation

A give-way sign with not much to give way to

Derelict huts

Some random pipes

Danger of death. Bzzzt

The Feather Mills building

The end of Feather Mill's factory

Over in Stuston, it's Geoff's Nissen hut

Geoff and Brenda's back garden

Geoff in the conservatory porch

Geoff in the kitchen

Brenda looks all enigmatic

Brenda's forgotten something

Geoff gets some firewood

Sawing wood up

Geoff and Brenda's garden

Vanilla Kick on at the Banham Barrel

Calum does guitar

Calum Duncan on vocals

Rory Hill on bass

Vanilla Kick

Rob Folkard is on the desk again

Vanilla Kick in action

Rob helps switch bands over

Alex Hill takes to the stage

Alex Hill and the Cracking Daisies

Alex Hill pauses

On stage at the Banham Barrel

The barrel crowds

Paz shreds up a guitar

Tom and Paz get in the zone

Craig Hill thanks the crowds

Rob Folkard looks at the stage

Rob 'The Desk' Folkard

Wavy and The Boy Phil

Wavy's got a few beers on

Packing up after the gig