Qualcomm Europe All-Hands, Berkeley Hotel, London - 9th November 2005

This set marks roughly the 1-year anniversary of the Pentax *ist D digital SLR, and contains within it the 13,753rd photo taken in that time (excluding a few thousand on Camera "B") - that's an average of 37.7 photos per day. Anyway, it's the return of the Qualcomm Europe All-Hands meeting, where employees - from all over the continent - gather to hear about stuff. Some may wonder why I would effectively repeat last year's set. However, it's different people, (slightly) different events, and another chance to practice particular scenarios: who knows - one day I may get a chance to cover some big political party conference or something. Meanwhile, the day before, Nosher and Dan "Stan" H wander over to Milton Park, on the other side of the A14. The padlocks referred to are for the gates of a mobile-phone base station: each operator has to have their own key...

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On the way to Milton Park, Dan points out the most bizarre locking arrangement ever

The Milton Cycle Bridge

A14. Eastbound.

A lake at Milton Park


Angelo and Russel 'Rusty' McH

Craig - Mr. Suit

Angelo, Russell and Stan

Stef does an 'oi! what's your game?'


Russell with Stef

Nick C sticks a suit and tie on too

Craig and Ben shake hands

Stef, Craig, Ben

Like people in a cinema: James, Vijay and Franci

The conference room: Nosher's flash, bounced of the ceiling, fills the whole room

Pertti Johansson opens the presentations

Retired CEO, and now Chairman of Qualcomm, Dr. Irwin Jacobs

People with ties are encouraged to remove them as a reflection of regime change. Tim obliges... does Pertti Johansson

Dr. Paul Jacobs: tie-less

Steve Altman, Qualcomm President

Peggy Johnson, President QIS

Peggy shows off some of the punting photos

Sanjay Jha, President QCT

Jeff Jacobs

The board assembles for a little Q&A

Paul Jacobs and Steve Altman

Sanjay Jha and Giles out of Buffy (Bill Keitel, CFO)

Peggy and Sanjay laugh at something

Tim Simpson asks a question

Julian, Dave B and Francis in the hotel's bog

Outside the conference room, a skip full of discarded hoovers is spotted

There's no escape: Steve H and Louise do some OTA support

Richard gets a Qualstar

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On the way to Milton Park, Dan points out the most bizarre locking arrangement ever