Celebrity Snappers: Nosher Becomes a Papparazzo, Leicester Square, London - 9th November 2005

Whilst wandering back from Chinatown towards Leicester Square, Nosher spots a small bunch of press photographers hanging around outside the entrance to a club, and asks what's occuring. It turns out that it's the night of the Screen Nation Awards 2005, dubbed the "Black Oscars", with several celebs floating around. Despite not being a particular fan of the cult of celebrity, it still interesting to experience it and so I manage to lig a spot in the press camp, and ended up hanging around with the hacks waiting for famous (and not-so-famous people) to arrive, both at the Ruby Blue Club and the Prince Charles Cinema. I mostly ended up chatting with a photographer from Getty Images, who had been in the "game" for 8 years - it was certainly fascinating listening to tales from the "inside". It turned out to be a most amusing evening, with some entertaining cynicism from the hacks, and some great mickey-taking of the more minor celebs. In fact, it was so absorbing I ended up hanging around in the cold for 2.5 hours and took 136 photos, and even found myself so into the role that I even shouted "Over here please, Danny!" to Danny John-Jules out of Red Dwarf in order to get a photo. It also turned out that it's also a bit harder than it looks: some of these photos are slightly fuzzy, many of the ones cut were: things happen too quickly and it's generally too dark to risk auto-focus, so manual is it and it's definitely tricky keeping up, especially as I don't have a super-charged power pack for the flash and had to run on wide aperture with lower flash output to get enough rapid sequential shots (unlike one of the pros who had one of the Nikons that does 180 frames non-stop at 5fps). However, it was definitely a great experience...

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The early photographers mill around

Entrance to the Ruby Blue Club

Nate James, UK soul singer

A couple of the club girls

Tim Campbell, winner of TV's 'The Apprentice'

I think this is Josie D'Arby

Singer Michelle Gayle

Melvin Van Peebles

Dame Kelly Holmes

Comedienne Gina Yashere

The guy from Getty Images

Return of the club girls

Nate James arrives later on at the Cinema

Rap/RnB band 'Fundamentals'

Gina Yashere tries to nip through the small throng of photographers

Actor Paul Barber, who appeared in The Full Monty and occasionally in Only Fools and Horses

The legendary Danny John-Jules, out of Red Dwarf

Dame Kelly Holmes

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The early photographers mill around