Qualcomm go Karting in Caxton - 7th November 2005

As a celebration of the first anniversary of the assimilation of the old Trigenix into Qualcomm, most of the company drives (or in some cases, gets in some early practice by rallying) up to Caxton, a few miles west of Cambridge for a few hours thrashing around the indoor kart track. Nosher, being the odd-one-out, doesn't get into a team, although Team A generously let me sub in for a 10-minute session (which probably cost them a place, meh). However, it's a good photo-op, and gives lots of scope for dynamic action shots (although 191 photos taken with only 30 here is not a particularly good hit-rate, mostly on account of the speed).

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Pre-racing pre-amble: safety drill

Rusty McHugh

Donning helmets for the practice session

Bob, with what look like his own custom overalls

Maintenance is done in a backroom workshop

Tim S

Not a great pic, but it does show off nicely how little there is to these karts

QC Cambridge wait for the race to start

The light goes green, and the race kicks off

And now, a chance to play who's-who-in-a-helmet...

The winners are announced. Strangely enough, it include James the IT guy who had brought his own helmet...

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Pre-racing pre-amble: safety drill