The entrance to the Ruby Blue Club

The entrance to the Ruby Blue Club

The early photographers mill around

A papparazzi car exit

More guests arrive

Some press dudes take notes

Tim Campbell, winner of TV's 'The Apprentice'

Tim Campbell again

Singer Michelle Gayle

Michelle Gayle again

Melvin Van Peebles looks unimpressed

Dame Kelly Holmes, the athlete

Comedian Gina Yashere

Gine Yashere again

Soul singer Nate James walks in

The guy from Getty Images

Some waving occurs

Nate James poses for a photo

Rap/RnB band 'Fundamentals'

Dance moves

Gina Yashere looks bashful

Actor Paul Barber, from The Full Monty

A mystery celebrity couple

Thumbs up

A dude in a mac

The legendary Danny John-Jules, out of Red Dwarf

Dame Kelly Holmes again