Disused Cambridge Railway 2: The Other Way - 28th October 2005

Nosher and Dan "Stan" H from QC Cambridge take a lunch break to further explore the disused railway track that crosses Milton Road, on the outskirts of Cambridge. This time, we head off in the "uncharted" direction - the way that no-one actually uses - to see what's there. Naturally enough, it's much less trafficked than the other part of the track, and at one point has a 10-foot (3-meter) fence cutting across it. However, this has been modified with additional "access" in the form of three missing slats, allowing access beyond (noting all the while that there are no "no entry" or "private" signs anywhere :-). The remainder of the much-overgrown track-bed leads to a large derelict shunting yard. There are no signs of any remaining structures, but all the tracks are still in place; the sleepers slowly rot away whilst the tracks slowly oxidise to rust and everywhere grass, scrub and trees reclaim the area. However, there is also a large clearing where it looks like local "Gary Boyz" (Kevins or Trevs as they might have been known in the 80s) have somehow sneaked cars in, razzed them around a bit and then finally set fire to them: at least 6 or 7 wrecked and scorched cars litter the area. On our return, we pass through an industrial estate - the epitome of bleak, soul-less modern existence - and visit Ridgeon's DIY so Stan can look at plumbing.

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Cambridge Business Park (a.k.a. the Cowley Road Police State)

Stan heads up the railway track-bed

The railway line, whilst mostly obscured by foliage, is still completely in place

An abandonned bed and a heap of rubbish. Nice.

Stan climbs a hill after we sneak through the hole in the Iron Fence

A contrast between hi-tech buildings of the Business Park (background) and wrecked cars

Burnt-out and mangled car

Somewhat implausibly, someone has wrecked and torched a Vauxhall Astra. The Austin Maestro next to it is understandable...

Points in the trees

Stan checks his phone for a signal

The moonscape of an aggregate storage site

More heaps of rusted metal

Some discarded doors

The tyre has long-since burnt off and eroded away, but the steel reinforcement wire from its tread survives


Bottles of gas in a cage on an industrial estate. Mundane, but colourful

Stan walks through the underpass that, er, underpasses the old railway

A stack of scaffold poles on the back of a builder's lorry near Checkpoint Charlie, Cowley Road

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Cambridge Business Park (a.k.a. the Cowley Road Police State)