This sign doesn't serve much purpose anymore

This sign doesn't serve much purpose anymore

Abandoned tracks in the weeds

A discarded 486 blade server motherboard

Dan stands where the tracks cross a path

The end of the line

Dan roams around in organic shop Daily Bread

Dan heads off back to Milton Road

Where the tracks cross Milton Road

Cambridge Business Park (Cowley Road Police State)

The next week, we head off in the other direction

Some broken electrical thing

The back of Matrix House - Qualcomm's office

The railway line is still completely in place

An abandonned bed and a heap of rubbish. Nice.

Dan climbs up after we sneak through the fence

Hi-tech buildings and wrecked cars

Dan roams around amongst the wrecked cars

A couple of burnt-out cars

Someone has torched a Vauxhall Astra

Inside the torched Austin Maestro

A wrecked Mark 2 Astra

The Maestro again

Crossing tracks

Dan in the wasteland

An aggregate storage site

The back of the Business Park

More heaps of rusted metal

Some discarded doors

Another burned-out car

Steel reinforcement wires from a car tyre

Drainage pipes in Ridgeons

Bottles of gas in a cage. Mundane, but colourful

Dan walks through the underpass under the railway

A stack of scaffold poles on a builder's lorry