A wrecked toilet on Sandy Lane, Diss

A wrecked toilet on Sandy Lane, Diss

A concrete pipe is an 'anti-traveller' barrier

A pipe and standing water

An abandoned barbeque, in quite good condition

Crowds outside Burton in Ipswich

An African-style church choir entertains the crowds

The choir outside the Cornhall in Ipswich

A bit of Djambe action

A small child joins in

The Cornhall in Ipswich

Crowds mill around outside the Cornhall

St. Edmund's House: Nosher's old office

The old Suffolk County Council Staff Club

It's a 1960s classic

St. Giles House: a 1970s 'temporary' office block

Old rubbish compactor by Suffolk Design and Print

The entrance to what was Suffolk Design and Print

Glass-block wall in St. Paul's House, Rope Walk

St. Paul's back entrance, and SDP's old portakabin

St Paul's and St. Giles, Rope Walk

The front of the 1930s classic St. Paul's

The car park outside St. Paul's

The entrance to St. Edmund's car park

Building with graffiti, Rope Walk

Bollards outside the social club

A never-used car park attendant booth

Eye Church, viewed over a meadow

A leafy lane

The 'Big Giant Head' on Cranley Green Road

Someone pounds fence posts in around a field

There's a Flamenco night in the Trowel and Hammer

Flamenco musicians in the Cotton Trowel and Hammer

More dancing

Wavy, The Boy Phil and Bill

Someone else has a go

The percussionist has a word