Macclesfield and Sandbach - 10th September 2005

The weekend had started on Sunday Morning with a trip to Hazel Grove, near Stockport, to pick up a vintage Commodore PET 4016 purchased off eBay. After Sunday afternnon's trip up to the Pennines, Nosher and The Old Chap head off into Macclesfield on the following Monday - Dad to do a few errands, me to take photos. There's a stop-off to the shop of dad's late chum Jim the Butcher to get some sausages, followed by a roam around some of the sights of Macc. Ordinarily, as you drive down into town from the Buxton direction on a winter's day, you get a real sense of bleak milltown. However, today's sunny, so the effect isn't quite as grim. Finally, on the way home back to Suffolk, I visit one-time home Sandbach to see what's changed, and to glimpse again my favourite old school - Sandbach Grammar.

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Chap scratches his head in the kitchen

Dad sups tea in his lounge, and tries to complete the crossword

The back garden

Rob, Jim's colleague, who continues to run the butcher's shop

Rob and The Old Chap chat about stuff

Sausages are weighed

Dad checks a list

Alleyway, opposite HSBC

Off to the town hall

Macclesfield Town Hall

St. Mary's Church, Macclesfield: still nice and black from the soot of the silk mills

The Castle Inn, apparently one of The Old Chap's boozers, years ago

The doorway of a small fabric emporium

A kid spins a sign around

Indoor market

A mill, taken from the top of Clowes Lane, Macc

The Saxon Crosses, Sandbach, Cheshire

In Nosher's day (1975-1978) the red-brick building (at least the left-hand bit) used to be a favourite model/toy-shop hangout

The Lower Chequer Pub, seemingly unchanged from the 70s

Another view of the Saxon Crosses

Sandbach Town Hall and Indoor Market

Monument on the roundabout on the way to Wheelock (and school)

The top-floor of the rightmost building used to contain my form room (the window nearest the camera)

The drive we'd walk up in the morning

Nearly home: Sunset near Wickham Skeith, Suffolk

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Chap scratches his head in the kitchen