Rob and Max

Rob and Max

Andy The Sausage Dude and mates

Martin meets up with some friends

Jo wags her finger at Henry

Jo sticks her tongue out

Jo and Rob

Henry, Jo and Rob

Max does a bit of a dance

Music from Scoobs in Columbia

Scoobs in Columbia, the band

Martin with a mate

Rob models a handbag

Garden party


Jo and Steph - party girls

A great didgeridoo solo

The band gets all percussive

Jo and Stef do some dancing

Steph's birthday cake is bought in by Martin

Dancing under a tree

A sly taste of the cake is had

Stef's gang

Hands in the air moment

Jo has a microphone moment

Jo hands back the mic

Stef's on the mic

Stef's gang again

Jack totally wigs out

A wistful singer

Paz belts it out

Tom Folkard on the mic

A country lane in Burston the next morning

Billingford Windmill from the side

Billingford Windmill

The river at Lower Oakley

Cows in the water meadow at Oakley