Jo outside on Fair Green

Jo outside on Fair Green

Henry the drummer

The band sits on car bonnets

The Cock Inn, and Nosher's Vehicle A

Alex comes out to chat

Rob wanders up the road

Sophie dozes in the sun

A star trail

Stubble-field and big sky near Hunston, Suffolk

The water tower near Hunston

More big skies of Suffolk

An old shed

Tree plantation, Finningham, Suffolk

A mangled gate

The Cornwallis Arms does some wedding fireworks

More fireworks

A sausage-dog and a duck

A couple of fishermen on the Mere, Diss

Mere's Mouth in Diss

The ice-cream dude's van

The new fountain on the Mere

Geoff in the kitchen

A spot of lunch

Brenda looks at photos of the old Cider-making days

Crepuscular rays on the way to Banham

Nosher's microphone

Jo in the Banham Barrel

Jo looks over the keyboards

Henry sets up

Max with his five-string bass

Max and Jo with their eyes closed

Jo looks surprised

Sarah in the Barrel

Some keyboard action

The BBs in the Barrel

Bill does a bit of gurning

Nosher does keyboards

Nosher does some backing vocals

The BBs in action at the Banham Barrel

Jo and Rob