The Big Skies of East Anglia - 6th August 2005

A few photos with a new ultra-wide angle lens of some sky scenes, captured on the back roads between Bury St Edmunds and Brome on the way home from work on a Friday evening. Keeping with the sky theme, there's also a sprinkling of fireworks, thanks to a nearby wedding. Rounding off the set are some scenes from the Mere in Diss, and round to see Geoff and Brenda.

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Cat 'A' dozes in the sun

Stubble-field and big sky near Hunston, Suffolk

A different stubble-field near Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk

Tree plantation, Finningham, Suffolk

Painting the sky with fireworks: Cornwallis Arms, Brome, Suffolk

Sausage-dog and Quack-duck

A couple of fishermen on the Mere, Diss

The new fountain on the Mere

Geoff in the kitchen

Brenda looks at photos of the old Cider-making days

Crepuscular rays near Banham, Norfolk

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Cat 'A' dozes in the sun