The BBS, and the Big Skies of East Anglia, Diss and Hunston, Norfolk and Suffolk - 6th August 2005

The BBs are playing at the Cock Inn in Diss, then there are a few photos with the new ultra-wide-angle lens of the fields around Hunston and Walsham le Willows in Suffolk. After that, there are some scenes from Diss and round Geoff and Brenda's in Stuston, then The BBs are playing again at the Banham Barrel

next album: Route 78: A Drive Around the San Diego Mountains, California - 9th August 2005
previous album: Richard Panton's Van and Alex Hill at Revolution Records, Diss and Cambridge - 29th July 2005

Jo outside on Fair Green

Henry the drummer

The Cock Inn, and Nosher's Vehicle A

Rob wanders up the road

Sophie dozes in the sun

Stubble-field and big sky near Hunston, Suffolk

The water tower near Hunston

More big skies

An old shed

Tree plantation, Finningham, Suffolk

The Cornwallis Arms does some wedding fireworks

More fireworks

A sausage-dog and a duck

A couple of fishermen on the Mere, Diss

Mere's Mouth in Diss

The ice-cream dude's van

The new fountain on the Mere

Geoff in the kitchen

A spot of lunch

Brenda looks at photos of the old Cider-making days

Jo in the Banham Barrel

Jo looks over Nosher's keyboards

Henry sets up

Max with his five-string bass

The BBs in the Barrel

Nosher does keyboards

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Jo outside on Fair Green