A wood-burner keeps everything warm

A wood-burner keeps everything warm

Wavy with a bottle of wine and a piece of wood

Wavy and his caravan home

Wavy wanders off

Dairy Farm's milking shed

Wavy carries some buckets to the sheds

Wavy waters the moos

A couple of cows

Wavy in the yard

A curious Fresian bullock peers out from his stall

Wavy preps some teat antiseptics in the tank room

Another view of the milking room

The cows are raring to go

A line of Friesians looks out

The girls pile into the yard

The moos take an interest in Nosher's tripod

A herd of Fresians mill around in the yard

Wavy in the shed

Applying teat antiseptic

Looking up to the cows

The next cow wanders in

Milk-flow monitors

Wavy grabs a bunch of teat suckers

Wavy with some suckers

The rest of the cows look in

A cow on the steps