Wavy and the Milking Room, Dairy Farm, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 28th March 2005

It's getting to the end of the line after generations of dairy farming at the appropriately-named Dairy Farm in Thrandeston, thanks to the price pressure of supermarkets and huge commercial dairies. So on the way back from taking photos of an epic clearance, Nosher swings by to see Wavy's caravan and a milking session

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A pot-bellied wood-burner keeps everything warm and toasty

Wavy in his caravan, with a bottle of wine and a chopped piece of wood

Wavy and his caravan home

Wavy wanders off

Dairy Farm's milking shed

Wavy carries some buckets to the sheds

Wavy waters the moos

A couple of cows

Wavy in the yard

A curious Fresian bullock peers out from his stall

Wavy preps some teat antiseptics in the tank room

Another view of the milking room

The cows are raring to go

A line of Friesians looks out

The girls pile into the yard

The moos take an interest in Nosher's tasty tripod

A herd of Fresian Heiffers mill around in the yard waiting to be milked

Wavy in the shed

Applying teat antiseptic

Looking up to the cows

The next cow wanders in

Milk-flow monitors

Wavy grabs a bunch of teat suckers

Wavy with some suckers

The rest of the cows look in

A cow on the steps

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A pot-bellied wood-burner keeps everything warm and toasty