Possibly the support-support band Absentee

Possibly the support-support band Absentee

Other-wordly keyboard style

Michelle Stodart of the Magic Numbers

Romeo Stodart of The Magic Numbers

Michele Stodart thrashes a tambourine around

Harmonium action

Dual keyboards

Ed Harcourt

An amazing bit of trumpet work

Ed sings

Ed Harcourt on stage at the Waterfront

Ed Harcourt and his band

There's a bit of a wig-out moment

Embrace is supported by Thirteen Senses

Thirteen Senses at the UEA

A rack of guitars

The Embrace crowds

Danny Macnamara of Embrace

Embrace on stage

Dry ice and lights rock moment

Embrace's Danny Macnamara

Danny Macnamara gets emotional

Green and yellow lights

Embrace on stage

Danny eggs on the crowd

Danny Macnamara's shadow on the wall

The crowd goes nuts

The Boy Phil

Danny whips up the crowds for the finale