Hyde Park Corner Underground station

Hyde Park Corner Underground station

Kings Cross Station at night

A train pulls out of Kings Cross

It's cone-tastic on the A14 at Rougham

Rougham junction on the A14 is being rebuilt

Cranes and concrete mixers on the A14

Malevolent cloud hangs over Matrix House

There are bright yellow flecks in the cloud mass

There's all sorts of detail in the clouds

The mass moves off over Cambridge

The gloomy rail tracks leading to Liverpool Street

Wet wooden sleepers on a set of point

Platforms 8 and 9 at Liverpool Street

K6 phone boxes on Kensington High Street

A newspaper kiosk

The Wellington Memorial at Hyde Park Corner

Light splashes like paint in Picadilly Circus

More lights on wet paving slabs

Someone roams around with an umbrella

Picadilly Circus

The Trocadero

Looking back at Picadilly Circus

The Houses of Parliament

Looking up Whitehall to the Cenotaph

Waiting for the tube

Crowds mill around at Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street is fairly packed

People swarm like ants

Some are a blur, whilst others stand and wait

The lights under the far end of the platform