Embrace Live at the University of East Anglia - 17th November 2004

Another cracking gig at the UEA - Embrace, back from a few years in the wilderness, perform a triumphant set to an appreciative crowd. Never before has Nosher seen so much love directed to the band from the audience. Along for grins was a fellow Embrace fan and mate "The Boy Phil". There was a good range of numbers going right back to the first album, and capped off with the ultimate "Good Will Out". The heat generated by a sell-out crowd was intensified by a frenetic mass pogo moment in the middle of the set from what looked like the entire crowd, egged on by Embrace front-man Danny McNamara, obviously loving the return to live music.

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Excellent support from 'Thirteen Senses'

Danny McNamara and Embrace take to the stage

This caught Nosher's eye: Danny McNamara's shadow on the LCU wall in a glow of purple light

'The Boy Phil' captured in the crowd

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Excellent support from 'Thirteen Senses'