Depth of field is something the compacts can't do

Depth of field is something the compacts can't do

Cat A - Soph-bags

Sophie hangs out by a bicycle wheel

Cat B - The Sock

A random pile of DIY stuff

Wet berries

A rose blooms in November

A carpet of windfall apples

Rectory Road in Brome

The Sock eats a foot whilst sitting on the piano

St. Mary's Church in Diss

The top of the Market Place, outside the Museum

Burnt gold autumn leaves by the church

The Quartermaster's Stores on St. Nicholas Street

A WI plant stall by the Mere

A dog poses for a photo

Polly, a former colleague from Clays

The vegetable man

Andy the sausage hides under his awning

The WI again

The long drive leading up to Helmingham Hall

The gate lodge of Helmingham Hall

A test shot of a new automatic lens

The Big Giant Head on Cranley Green Road

Sophie roams around

The hedge and a sunset

The Sock rolls over like a kitten

Pins on a world map

The BBs have a rehearsal round Henry's place

Jo looks over

Rob twangs away on guitar

Henry behind his kit

Rob and Henry, who looks a bit glum