The house in the autumn sun

The house in the autumn sun

Bill racks up in the Beaconsfield Arms

Wavy takes on Jen at Stick Game

Wavy takes a shot

The Sock is up a tree

Mikey's got his pout on

Pippa and Apple

Mikey and The Boy Phil

Photos are passed around

Suey and Marc

Bill looks at photos

A suit of armour

Back at the Swan, Marc guffs as DH lights up

Andrew and the BSCC at Thonrham

Andrew and the gang outside the Four Horseshoes

Suey and Marc

Marc gets a hot chip

Bill's got a slice of tomato in his mouth

Andrew shelters between Cotton and Wickham Skeith

Phil and Suey hide under trees

Marc in the undergrowth

Marc pokes with a very long stick

The Boy Phil looks like he's doing a poo

A pile of hurriedly-abandoned bikes

Marc stands on the wet road looking glum

It's still lashing

Paul and Bill in Hollywood Bowl


Wavy and Bill

Wavy despairs after missing a shot

The Boy Phil picks a ball up

Mikey chats to Suey

Clare wags a finger at Mikey P

Andrew gets a score


Bill grabs a ball

Mikey and Bill do the dancing game

Wavy puts his proper shoes back on

Mikey models Nosher's hat

Paul in a lime-green kebab shop

Andrew loads his bike up before heading off

Steve Ives with a Nokia smartphone

Matt does some paper prototyping

John Scott

Lawrence Garret, one of the 3G Lab investors

Nosher in a group shot of Trigenix staff