Nanna and Sylvia help set up the marquee

Nanna and Sylvia help set up the marquee

Al's got his legs out

Claire comes to check out progress

The marquee completely covers the rear of the pub

There's a wedding rehearsal

Practicing weddings in the church

Mikey P and Paul

Lorraine and baby Abigail

The Bish talks everyone through things

St. Mary of Antioch, Thrandeston

Nosher's organ for the day

Paul looks nervous

Paul grins

The bell ringers do their thing

Bill looks down the road

Colin and Jill

Marc waves

It's a hot day and Marc's got his jacket off

Wavy with an actual tie on

Claire gets some early practice in

Ruth looks over

Paul, Claire and Lorraine

Milling crowds

Apple, Pippa, Marc, Gov and Ninja M

Jen, Suey and Clare

Jackie, Tyler and Andy

More crowd scenes

Paul's family

Paul, Claire and the bishes

View from under a tree

A big family photo breaks up

Another group

Paul and Claire in the entrance to the church

Back at the pub in Colin's Jag

Colin with his chauffeur shades

Jo sets up

At the reception

The Boy Phil shakes his dad's hand

Alan does a speech

The crowds seem to find it amusing

The fammerly table

Jen looks over

Bill does a speech

Mikey P says something

Wedding balloons

It's videographer corner

Small Henry plugs Max's bass in

Max tunes up

The BBs

Jo gives it some

Rob 'guitar' Huckfield

Jo grabs her mic

Wedding lunch

Pig in a tray

DH does sommellier duty

Pip's got balloons on her head

Colin pours some wine

Apple flosses his teeth with a bubble hoop

Out in the garden

Jess and Carolyn arrive

Alan again

Photo action

Paul and Claire cut the cake

Jo has Max's bass

Claire and Paul do a dance

Nosher's got his eye's closed

Marc clears away some cutlery

Max's illuminous shirt

Claire does some potting up

The Boy Phil's behind the bar

Bill helps out too

Marc at the bar

Alan with a glass-washer tray

Ping-pong Peter and Paul


Nanna looks back

Bill's got a baby's milk bottle

Claire and Paul in the pub

Ian, Nanna and Alan