Grandmother's 80th Birthday, South Coast - 11th September 2004

A gathering of the clans in Burton, Christchurch on account of The Grandmother's 80th birthday: rellies from Plymouth, London, Suffolk and Switzerland were in attendance...

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'G' is taken out for a brisk walk along Barton-on-Sea seafront, but it's too windy so she sits in the car

...however the hardcore walkers continue

Nosher's favourite childhood groyne, where I would sit for hours listening to the sea

A view along Barton sea front, towards Hengistbury Head

Neil, Sis, Caroline and Matt on Barton seafront, with the Isle of Wight in the background

Stormy seas surround Nosher's favourite childhood groyne

a nice view looking along the coast up the Solent, towards Lymington

Matt gets blown about by the wind

A few scenes around Barton

Uncle Neil scopes out a Jag

Walking back past The Beachcomber Café on the clifftop

The cute thatched cottage on Grove Road, on the edge of Long Meadow

Matt and Sis walk across Long Meadow

One of Nosher's old abodes, Ford Cottage on Meadow Way in Barton on Sea, looks a bit neglected and folorn (Nosher's old bedroom is on the right: you could see the Isle of Wight and The Needles through the trees)

Ford Cottage's front gate

Matt takes a photo of a 'no dog poo' sign, including stink-lines

Back at N&C's, it's time for champers

C passes around the nibbles

The siblings: Janet (Nosher's mother), Judith and Neil

In the taxi on the way to the restaurant

Driving down to the sea, there's a rainbow just visible

The wild seas encourage intrepid surfers

Scenes from the restaurant...

...which has the most amazing views of the sea

Back at N&C's, there's a bizarre rendition of a 'South Pacific' musical number

Next morning, Neil helps prep brekkie

'Round Grandmother's gaff

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'G' is taken out for a brisk walk along Barton-on-Sea seafront, but it's too windy so she sits in the car