Alan up the Swan

Alan up the Swan

Mikey P collects Paul

Orange and purple hair spray is applied

The purple hair colour looks Photoshopped on

The boys start off in the Swan

In the Scole Crossways, Paul drinks a Mudshake

Wavy's on the Newky Brown

Bill cues up

Andy's on the phone

Andy and Ninja M

Paul and Ian Colchester

Marc and Mikey P

Mikey P considers a yard of ale

Marc has a slurp of the Yard

Nosher has a go, but doesn't get very far

The Boy Phil gets most of his go on his top

Wavy attempts the Yard

Marc finishes the yard off like a pro

Andy - the sensible one - hands the yard back

Gov in his motor

Sausages and chips at the Bressingham Chequers

Marc worries about a very penile sausage

Marc and Mikey spark up some cigars

Wavy chomps on a cigar like a US Army general

Paul's still got his purple spots

Mikey and Paul

Wavy gets the hair treatment

Bill's guffed again

It looks like Marc has guffed in revenge

Bill and Marc in the car

Andy drives the boys off

Marc waves