The Sock on the desk

The Sock on the desk

Mark Joseph sings

Mark on piano

More piano action from Mark Joseph

Wes looks up

Mark Joseph does some signing

Gear is packed up

Wes shifts the CD racks back into place

Mark does more signing, as the EMI rep looks on

The gang in Revs, with Mark Joseph

Robbie does the crossword

Dave catches up on the important news of the day

The unusally-shaped Ickworth House

Sitting on benches

Dave roams around

The grounds of Ickworth

Another view of the Ickworth Rotunda

Robbie and Dave in the Italianate gardens

Dave does bunny ears

Wandering around the formal gardens

The rotunda

Dave in the gardens

Dave and Robbie on a stone bench

A bed of pink roses

Walking through the hedges

Rob does 'Paulus the Wood-Gnome'

Ickworth is big on tree stumps

The Rotunda again

Inside the orangery

Sitting on the steps outside the Orangery

Spiky plants in a tub

Wandering off to the east wing

We stop at the Cotton Trowel and Hammer