Bill's Housewarming Barbeque - 31st July 2004

Bill has a barbie 'round his shiny new gaff. Cue vodka melons, barbequed food, Special Brew cocktails and a memorable bike ride home across the concrete runways and taxiways of Eye Airfield - a former WW2 USAF airbase.

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Thursday night, outside the Woolpack in Debenham on the BSCC bike ride

On Friday night, Nosher is left in charge of the pub. Afterwards, there's a stop around Marc and Sue's on the way home. At about 2.30am, Marc and DH flake out

Saturday afternoon, and Cat 'A' - the evil Soph-bags - mills about in the wheatfield next to Nosher's garden

Later, around Bill's, Bill and Jimmy poke the barbie

Scenes from the back garden...

Wavy entertains the kids...

...and then eats a kebab

Sophie/Katy/Emily, Allie and Jimmy

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, space-hoppers are prepared...

...and the a unicycle makes an appearance

Mikey gives Clare a bit of tongue

Andy reads some horoscopes out while space-hopping

Jen and Sue


Bill gets the vodka melon out... Phil has a go

Wavy, after having tried to stick the cocktail-maker together the wrong way, creates a Special-brew-based concotion

and tries to see if it's inflammable enough to re-light the barbie...

...and then tries to see if Jen wants a bit too

Caz, Jackie and Jen

Jen passes out for a bit (well, it is her birthday)

Caz plaits Sue's hair; Wavy gets a closeup look

Claire staggers off home

Wavy nicks Sue's roll-up and smokes it in one go

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Thursday night, outside the Woolpack in Debenham on the BSCC bike ride