Outside the Woolpack in Debenham

Outside the Woolpack in Debenham

The BSCC outside the Woolpack

Marc and DH flake out after the pub at 2.30am

A field of wheat

Cat A - Soph Bags - roams around the wheat field

Sophie surveys the field

Bill and Jimmy poke the barbeque

Jimmy pokes the barbeque

The scene in Bill's garden

A barrel of barbeque

Wavy entertains the kids

Phil squirts ketchup

Wavy's got meat-on-a-stick

Sophie/Katy/Emily, Allie and Jimmy

Uncle Bill does his thing

A space hopper is prepared

Andy and Jackie bounce around

Marc tries out a unicycle

Andy has a unicycle

Mikey gives Clare a bit of tongue

In the garden

Andy reads horoscopes while space-hopping

Jen and Sue

Bill gets the vodka melon out

Marc's on the ground

Wavy creates a Special-brew-based concoction

Wavy tests the flammability of his concoction

Wavy quirts some dodgy homebrew out

Caroline, Jackie and Jen

Soph-bags perches on the arm of the sofa

Patrick Moore's on TV