Trombones and Jools Holland - 20th-25th July 2004

A bit of a trombone session in Cambridge on a Monday, is followed by a work's do at Audley End in Essex for a picnic and to see the amazing Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra in the grounds of a rather nice stately-home-type gaff on one of the few balmy nights of the year. The band were excellent; featuring the singing talents of Sam Browne and Ruby Turner, and an incredible 12-person horn section, plus Jools' superb piano stuff.

next album: Bill's Housewarming Barbeque - 31st July 2004
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Dave examines his rather brulée pizza (just a few minutes too long in the oven :-)

...and the carves it up with a hacksaw (actually, it wasn't too bad)

Dave waves some music about

'Bones on show

The amazing Vehicle 'A', a humble 1.3-litre 1987 Vauxhall Astra, turns over 200,000 miles on the way to work on Friday

At the Trigenix Gazebo in the grounds of Audley End

Nosher dresses for the occasion with his new Panama hat, and gets handed Nicksprog for a photo (Nicksprog starts crying seconds after being in Nosher's care)

Craig and Carmela

Nick and Steve H - a fellow hat wearer

The crowd at Audley End

Francis gets a load of balloons in the head from Mishysprog

Scenes from the stage, featuring the 12-person horn section

A couple of crowd scenes

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Dave examines his rather brulée pizza (just a few minutes too long in the oven :-)