Mikey-P eats whilst we stop at Kettering Services

Mikey-P eats whilst we stop at Kettering Services

The A14 isn't looking too good

Clare and Mike have a snog

Clare has a freak-out in the minibus

The A14 is closed off

The A14 is a bit emptier than it usually is

DH and Gov in the queue for something

Clare and Phil queue up for Oblivion

The bottom of the Oblivion rollercoaster

Oblivion is ready to drop

Posing for a photo outside Oblivion's drop-hole

Strolling past the house

There's some sort of activity going on

We head off into the gardens

The grounds are looking good at this time of year

Queueing for the log flume

Mikey P shows off his wet trousers

DH and Mikey P

People on the log flume

DH tries to cover up

DH and The Boy Phil

Bill's getting wet

More spinning around in the wet

Phil and Bill

Bill gets a weird mask from somewhere

Gov, DH and Clare do a spot of map reading

Gov and Mikey-P near the queue for Air

The Air rollercoaster comes around

Bill checks the map again

We wander back through the gardens

Walking past the orangery

Bill down below

Clare and Mikey roam around

The orangery; a bit more derelict these days

Gov sits on some steps

He made the desert shine

DH roams around

Modern stained glass

A nice roof in the house

DH looks at a plaque

We poke around some old ovens

A nice old fireplace

DH sticks his head up a chimney

Some derelict parts of the house

DH looks around in the old music room

A room that looks like a scene from Blade Runner

Dust motes hang in the air

A view from the roof

DH does jazz hands

The gang are in another car park

The Boy Phil and Gov in the Castle Inn, Cambridge

Clare gets the chilli pickle in the Maharaja

Mikey P's got a poppadum

DH and Bill

Bill and Clare

Gov's got a naan bread

Mikey P's looking hot in the Maharaja