Longview at the Waterfront, and a Trip to the Shops, Norwich, Norfolk - 27th June 2004

Favourite Indie band Longview are playing at the Waterfront. Then, a few days later and by way of something to do, and also as a way of getting out of mowing the lawn for a bit, Nosher tags along with Phil and DH for a quick run up up to Norwich to scope around the shops for a bit.

next album: Longview play Revolution Records, Diss, Norfolk - 2nd July 2004
previous album: A Trip to Alton Towers, Staffordshire - 19th June 2004

Sophie cat has taken to sleeping on the greenhouse roof

Soph-bags climbs down the greenhouse roof

At work in Cambridge, Nick has bought his new sprog in

Rob McVey of Longview at the Waterfront

Aidan Banks on Bass

Doug Morch on his silver-top Gretsch

Rob McVey on air guitar

Rob enveloped in pink light

Longview in action

Rob with a spotlight behind

The Boy Phil in Debenhams

Phil checks out a sales-rack in Debenhams

DH finds a jacket

The Boy Phil roams around Debenhams

DH has found a hat

DH wanders up past the Haymarket

Gentleman's Walk

The Boy Phil browses in HMV

DH scopes out some art by Lloyds Bank

The Boy Phil in the West Cornwall Pasty shop café

Phil and DH look at a world map outside Going Places

DH with a map. And a hat

Back at The Boy Phil's car

On the A140

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Sophie cat has taken to sleeping on the greenhouse roof