A Few Hours in Norwich - 27th June 2004

Just for something to do (and as a way of getting out of mowing the lawn for a bit), Nosher tags along with Phil and DH for a quick ping up up to Norwich to scope around the shops for a bit.

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Phil checks out a sales-rack in Debenhams...

as DH finds a jacket

Nice hat, dude!

Wandering through the Haymarket down Gentleman's Walk

Phil checks through the DVDs on offer in HMV

DH looks at some art outside Lloyds Bank opposite the market

In the 'Cornwall Pastie Company' upstairs bit. These are easily the best pasties to be had outside Cornwall or Plymouth

DH scoffs a very hot pastie with cheese in it

Later on, Phil tries to find 'Mortlock Island' on DH's new map of the world (appropriately outside a travel agent)

Back at the car on the top of St Stephen's carpark

On the A140 on the way back, just nearing Pulham

Let it not be said that Nosher doesn't possess a varied, colourful wardrobe :-)

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Phil checks out a sales-rack in Debenhams...