The 3G Lab stand

The 3G Lab stand

Dom looks around

One of the novelty giant phones

Another giant phone

Bob and Steve inspect the stand

The 3G Lab stand

Russell, Phil, Julian, Mike and Dominic

Julian in a restaurant off the Croisette

Roaming around the college grounds

Palm trees on the Croisette

The back of 3G Lab's chartered yacht

Bob's on the phone

On the marina

Paul Reilly waits for stuff to happen

Paul and Julian

Nosher's 'nerd kit' in action

The cockpit of the Jacaranda Bleu

Down in Cannes

Some of Cannes

HP's Bazaar heads over to Jimmy'z nightclub

Finnish rock band 'Kemopetrol' perform

Kemopetrol again

Nosher gets some inspiration for a user interface

Cannes by night

Outside the conference centre

Spotlights on the Croisette

Lights and marquees down on the sea front

Another can of Red Bull

It's a nerd-fest in Capron College

More nerding

Finnish metal band 'Downfall' sit opposite Nosher

Beer keeps us going through the night

Everyone gathers round to look at something running

Nosher's luxury dormitory for several nights

Back on the baseball courts

The entrance to HP's Bazaar

Beach front, Cannes-style

The front of the exhibition centre

Phil, Peter Knowles and Russell talk to punters

Some dude looks at the giant phone

More conference schmoozing

Mike Gannon

More sales mingling

The 3G Lab stand is quite busy

Phil and Bob

Julian hangs about

Tiina and Hannah on the boat

A view over the marina

A fuzzy 3G Lab on the boat

The back of the boat

The Hotel Splendid

Out for a stroll

Men play boules

Another Cannes scene

The sun sets over Cannes

Nosher heads off for a wander into old Cannes

Inside a church

A clock tower

Up on the hill

French shutters

A nice old building somewhere

Looking back over Cannes

The rooftops of old Cannes

At the top, some Java expert poses for a photo

More Cannes streets

A Cannes back street

Another street

Cannes back-street

Dom, Julian and Steve Ives in the sunset

Dom, Julian and Paul

The sun sets over 3GSM