HP Bazaar/3GSM Conference, Cannes, France - 17th-21st February 2003

3G Lab are having something of a presence at the annual 3GSM shindig in Cannes. As well as a stand, the company has also chartered a yacht - the Jacaranda Bleu - for schmoozing. Nosher is not so much there for the conference, as to attend HP's "Beach Bazaar" code camp at the nearby Capron College. Instead of ligging it up on a luxury boat for the week, Nosher is sleeping on a gymnasium floor with a bunch of other nerds, writing a bit of code and generally hanging out. There is, of course, the occasional chance to go down to the exhibition and see what the 3G Lab gang are up to...

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3G Lab's 'Trigenix' stand, featuring novelty super-sized Nokia 3650 and 7650s with inbuilt plasma screens

Bob and Steve (left) inspect the stand

In a restaurant off the Croisette, Russell, Phil Collins, Julian, Mike Gannon and Dominic

Palm trees on the Croisette

The back of 3G Lab's chartered yacht

Paul Reilly waits for stuff to happen

Nosher's 'nerd kit' in action

Some of Cannes

HP Bazaar takes a break and heads over to Jimmy'z nightclub

Finnish rock band 'Kemopetrol' perform

Nosher is trying to write a 'Red Bull' user-interface, and gets some inspiration

Cannes by night

In Capron College: nerd-fest

A couple of guys from Finnish metal band 'Downfall' sit opposite Nosher

Beer keeps us going through the night

Everyone gathers round to look at something running

Nosher's luxury dormitory for several nights

Beach front, Cannes-style

The front of the exhibition centre, all done up for 3GSM

Phil, Peter Knowles and Russell talk to punters

Mike Gannon

Julian hangs about

Tiina and Hannah on the boat

Men play boules

Nosher heads off for a wander into old Cannes

Up on the hill

Looking back over Cannes

At the top, some Java expert poses for a photo

Cannes back-street

Dom, Julian and Steve Ives in the sunset

Dom, Julian and Paul

The sun sets over 3GSM

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3G Lab's 'Trigenix' stand, featuring novelty super-sized Nokia 3650 and 7650s with inbuilt plasma screens