"Dave's" CISU Fancy Dress Party, Finbar's Walk, Ipswich - 15th September 1999

"Dave", who wasn't called Dave at all, but whose real name is now forgotten, has a fancy-dress party round her house on Finbar's Walk near the SCC offices on Rope Walk in Ipswich. Many of the CISU contingent are there for a barbeque and a spot of Twister

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Jon Segger, right, in a tank top

Elen, Andrew and Paul Robinson as Leo Sayer or something

Elen gives a pout

Mark Fox slurps chicken off a bone

Elen with a can of Woodpecker cider

Elen and Foxy

Andrew and Paul

Something's on fire on the barbeque

Andrew with big hair and shades

Paul, as Leo Sayer, holds court

There's a tangle of people playing Twister on the drive

Elen does some stretching

More Twister action

Sausages on fire

Serious barbeque fire action

Paul Jay gets his hair shaved off

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Jon Segger, right, in a tank top