Carl discusses 'poor white trash'

Carl discusses 'poor white trash'

The boys from Ops in the kitchen

Raj chats away outside

Dougie points at stuff

Joe steams through the kitchen on a mission

Dougie, Neil, Lisa, Stuart and Sarah

Party massive

Paul and Phil scan through Andrew's CD stash

Andrew and Paul bust some moves

There are odd goings on in Andrew's garage

The ops boys again

Neil goes for a swim

Group hug

Paul fishes the football out of the pond

Stuart, Neil and Andrew

Garden conversation

Lisa's got a can on

Carl hangs out of the patio door

Dougie does a revenge photo

Dougie flakes out

Russell and the gang in Andrew's kitchen

In the garden

Lisa and Sarah chat

Carl chats to the Ops boys

Joe and Lisa chat

Pauline and DH climb the walnut tree

DH gets a bit further up the tree

DH makes good progress up the tree

Spammy and Helen

Barbeque collective

Graham, Pippa and John Willy

Helen, Bill, Paul and Lorraine