Keith's 50th and CISU do 'Internet-in-a-field', Suffolk Show, Ipswich - June 2nd 1998

It's Keith's 50th birthday, and by way of celebration there's a thrash in his garden, featuring a bouncy castle a spot of random cricket. Then, Nosher's involved in setting up the "internet" section of Suffolk County Council's marquee at the Suffolk Show. It's an early start as we set up several computers in a tent, in a field, connected to the Internet via an ISDN link that BT have provided. The Internet is still something of a novelty for the public at large, and so the stand proves popular, and the Chief Exec and Chris Mole come down to scope it out. There's also a special moment as we set up a video conference to another tent across the showground which members of a Deaf group use to chat to their friends - for some, it's the first time ever that they've been able to communicate with people not in the same room (or at least visible). Nosher even learns "two beers, please" in British Sign Language.

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Claire goes through a (very brief) Hippy phase

Apple looks like he's up to no good again

Nosher and his shades

Check those knees out

Milling around drinking beer

More beer in the garden

Claire with a daisy-chain

Paul's at the stumps

Lorraine gets in a bit of cricket

Apple leaps in to the air

A cake arrives

DH gets a boost-up from Nosher as he climbs up on to the roof to rescue a ball

Pippa, DH and Paul bounce around

Messing around on the bouncy castle

DH and Pippa struggle with a collapsing bouncy castle

Sarah Bradfield with a bird of prey, at the Suffolk Show

An on-site doctor video-conferences with Chris Mole

Chris Mole on the video conference - the SCC website is on the left screen

Peter Bye, the Chief Exec of SCC, takes a call

Russell (far right) keeps an eye on things

Dan Gaul does a bit of a presentation

A schoolgirl is presented with something

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Claire goes through a (very brief) Hippy phase