Hanging around outside Keith's house

Hanging around outside Keith's house

Claire goes through a (very brief) Hippy phase

Apple looks like he's up to no good again

Nosher and his shades

Check those knees out

Milling around drinking beer

More beer in the garden

Claire with a daisy-chain

Paul's at the stumps

Lorraine gets in a bit of cricket

Lorrain does bowling

Helen bats away a ball

Apple leaps in to the air

A cake arrives

Nosher and the gang in Keith's garden

Everyone's eating

DH gets a boost-up from Nosher as he climbs up on to the roof to rescue a ball

Nosher gives DH a boost up to the roof

Dh climbs onto the roof for a lost shuttlecock

Pippa, DH and Paul bounce around

Messing around on the bouncy castle

Paul in the bouncy-castle melee

DH and Pippa struggle with a collapsing bouncy castle