Graham and Pauline's Wedding, Gissing Hall, Gissing, Norfolk - 28th April 1997

It's the era of Comet Hale-Bopp and also that of Graham and Pauline's wedding at the Fawlty Towers-esque Gissing Hall. Then, a couple of weeks later, Lou and Danny Flint decide to do an exploratory dig down to the old well under the drive to see what's there. There are also a couple of photos that prove just how much easier digital photography is, as in hindsight a long exposure of comet Hale-Bopp is not really a very good idea.

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Wavy waves his beer around as Pippa gets some sort of boob adjustment assistance from John Willy

Wavy, Apple, DH, Alan and Sylvia

The pub gang, and other wedding guests

Pauline and Graham have a snog

Helen, Pauline, Graham and Roger

Wavy, Pippa and DH

Alan and Spammy

Graham does his speech

Roger does his best-man speech

A toast

Pauline, Graham and the cake

Sylvia, Alan and Spammy (and some rabbit ears)

Pippa and DH

John Willy thrusts a carrot in Apple's general direction

DH, Roger and the Pub Table

Spammy chats to Peter Allen

Samantha and Nosher

Spammy and Pippa

Roger has a coffee

A toast in coffee-cup form from Roger, Spammy and Apple

Apple and Samantha

Apple looks vaguely Spanish with that hat on

Nosher raises a glass

Samantha, John Willy and Apple

Sylvie has a laff

Wavy freaks out (Guns 'n' Roses is probably on)

Peter Allen dances with a chair

Pauline goes through the wedding tunnel thing

Pauline gets in to a Scorpio - the most hideous car ever built

A long exposure of Hale-Bopp. At least the two tails can be seen.

Star trials and afuzzy Hale Bopp

Lou digs out an exploratory hole next to the well

Danny Flint drills a hole in the concrete cap over the well, so we can measure its depth

The Sock is up a tree

Plasterboarding up the top landing

A table is hanging precariously over the stairwell

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Wavy waves his beer around as Pippa gets some sort of boob adjustment assistance from John Willy