Hamish and Steve

Laura's geezer inspects the contents of his cracker

Sadie, Hamish's mum and Laura

Martin's bottle appears to be empty


Simon Morris and Hamish pull a cracker

Simon Morris and Hamish

Simon passes the butter

Hamish's mum

Martin (left) pours the wine as Jon looks glum

Party People

Hamish looks mischievous

Hamish has a whisper

Hamish gives Martin's girlfriend a kiss

The cake is brought in

Hamish warms his hands on his ample collection of candles

Hamish tries to set fire to his ear hair, as Rob Pereira looks on

Hamish blows his candles out

Hamish holds on to his cake

Hamish addresses the room

Hamish's dad tells a joke

A party group shot

Group photo

Nosher (towards the right) joins in the group photo

Party conversation

Rob Pereira has a cider

The next morning, it's a breakfast of plain toast in Hamish's mini dining room