CISU: A Chinese Restaurant and SCC Sports Day, Ipswich and Norwich - 1st May 1997

There's some sort of night out in Ipswich at a Chinese restaurant, after which Orhan and Trevor go a bit nuts on the streets. Then, Nosher is in the Suffolk County Council sports team on the annual inter-council sports day between Suffolk and Norfolk - this year up at Norfolk's HQ of County Hall.

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Neil, Sarah and Trevor

Lisa with a hot towel on her head

Someone makes a dressed chicken shape out of the hot towels

Lisa holds up the towel chicken

Sarah, Trevor and the French dude

Trevor yawns with all the excitement

Trevor, Orhan and Tim

Tim, Phil, Andrew and Carl, with a bit of Russell on the edge

The waiter shows us a trick with small towels

A chopstick fight breaks out between Trevor and the French dude

Crossed chopsticks

French dude, Trevor and Orhan

Tim, Phil, Dougie, Brian, Andrew, Carl and a surprised-looking Russell

Phil, Unknown, Dougie, Andrew and Brian

Trevor, Orhan and Tim

Trevor uses the facilities

Orhan and Trevor run up the middle of the road

More late-night running

Trevor leans on a wall

Trevor, Tim and Orhan on the street

Orhan spins horizontally around a street sign

Orhan feels a bit worse for wear so sits on a shop doorstep for a while

Evie outside Norfolk County Council's HQ

The Suffolk County Council team

The SCC team again

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Neil, Sarah and Trevor