John Willy's car on Le Shuttle

John Willy's car on Le Shuttle

Spammy sticks her head out of the sunroof

Spammy shouts at stuff

Alan and Spammy in Saint-Omer

John Willy and Spammy on the Place du Maréchal Foch

A fuzzy Nosher

John Willy and Spammy

Alan gives Spammy the Hairy Eyeball

John Willy points to the sign Rue au Vent - Windy Road

A French roundabout

A BSCC gathering at Redgrave Cross Keys

Roger cues up in the Redgrave Cross Keys

Apple, Wavy and DH

Apple, Wavy and Roger ponder the next shot

Brenda and Darren do fondue

The CISU gang on the patio

Dougie chats to Lisa on Andrew's patio

Trudy looks surprised

Natalie in the kitchen

Samantha climbs around on a groyne

Samantha on a groyne

Paul and Apple on a random ferry somewhere

Paul and Apple on the ferry from Dover