DH's Barbeque at The Swan and a CISU Party, Brome and Ipswich, Suffolk - July 14th 1996

DH has his summer barbeque up at the Swan, on a nice summer's evening. It's notable mostly for Pauline's idea to do the 'how to stick a glass to a bare chest by setting fire to brandy in it' thing. The glass is filled and lit, ice is applied to the chest and the two brought together. The flames go out and in consuming the oxygen, cause a partial vacuum sucking the glass to the skin. Trouble was, when it was Nosher's turn, it was hard to tell that the brandy had been alight for a while, and so the glass was hot enough to burn a circle on Nosher's chest. The perfectly-round scar survived for about a year.

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Trudy looks startled

CISU in Andrew's back garden

Natalie loiters in Andrew's kitchen

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Samantha clambers along a sea groyne

Samantha and the sea

It's Apple's turn for the chair

Apple gets a pile of hands on his head

John Willy points to a nice weed he's dug up from the garden

Roger gets lifted off his garden chair

Pauline applies a flaming brandy glass to Nosher's chest

Nosher, post brandy scar

DH has a go with the flaming brandy

Wavy sits on Apple

Lorraine and Shane

John Willy applies beer to Apple

The boys drink ale

Apple gets his torso out for the girls

Shane gives Lorraine a piggy-back around the field

Pauline and Helen

Pippa applies a leaf to Apple's abdomen, as John Willy wears a pink fluffy jumped

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Trudy looks startled