Printec at Thwaite Buck's Head and Farnborough, Suffolk and Hampshire - 28th June 1991

A round-up of a trip in the new car down to see Sean in Farnborough - Hamish is there too. Also, there's a Printec reunion (Nosher and Steve-O are working at BPCC Business Magazines in Colchester by this time) at the Thwaite Buck's Head, a few miles down the A140 from Diss.

next album: The Annual Cider Making Event, Stuston, Suffolk - 2nd October 1991
previous album: Plymouth and The Chapel, Hoo Meavy, Devon - 25th July 1991

Sean messes about on a 'beach' as Maria and Hamish sit it out

Sean does a few star jumps, for the laff

Maria looks taken aback by her lager

Maria slurps on a pint

Seans tells it like it is

Maria and Hamish

Nosher gurns for the camera

Monique covers up a smile

Pam waves some tights around

Pam shows off a bit of knee

Monique reaches over to grab some of Kelly's dinner

Pam and Brenda look over

Beryl, Steve-O and Crispy

Jackie and Kelly

Pam 'Spam' Frosdyke

The Printec massive

Crispy eats ice cream

Nosher pulls a face

Pam Frosdyke gets a kiss in

Jackie and Kelly

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Sean messes about on a 'beach' as Maria and Hamish sit it out