Plymouth and The Chapel, Hoo Meavy, Devon - 25th July 1991

Nosher picks up Grandmother and drives down to Mother and Mike's new-ish house - The Chapel in Hoo Meavy (Grandmother proves particularly useful in providing hard stares at miscreant middle-lane tossers on the M5). It's only two years since Nosher left Plymouth Polytechnic, a few miles away, so it's always nice to get back to the old stomping ground, especially as there's a meet-up with fellow alumni Kate, Andy "Jitsu" Dobbs and "Trotsky" Dave, round Kate's new place in Mutton Cove, Devonport and a night in an Indian Restaurant

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previous album: Nosher Leaves BPCC Business Magazines, Colchester, Essex - 18th July 1991

The landing, and a collection of Guadeloupe prints

The dining room

The Aga

The lounge

The lounge, which became the dining room some years later

Dining room

Grandmother sits out in the garden

The master bedroom

The windows of Buckfast Abbey

More colourful stained glass from Buckfast Abbey

The Chapel, from the field next door

A mystery harbour somewhere

Mother walks along a breakwater/pier

Grandmother and Mother look out to sea

Fishing boats in the mystery harbour

Dobbs, Kate and Dave

Andy feeds Kate some curry, as Dave looks on

Andy gets a bit more energetic with feeding Kate

Andy, Kate and Dave in Kate's Mutton Cove flat

Kate looks at something

Nosher's beloved Mark 1 Astra outside The Chapel

The Chapel

Grandmother, Mother and Mike flake out in the sun

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The landing, and a collection of Guadeloupe prints