Printec and Stuston Christmas, Suffolk and Norfolk - 25th December 1990

Printec has a Christmas do at the usual haunt - the Swan in Harleston. Then, it's Christmas day around Geoff and Brenda's.

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Nosher in a bow tie

Baz does some sort of dncing

Spam freaks out

Spam and Baz doe some funky moves

Crispy checks Baz's moves out

Crispy sits in Steve-O's lap

Nosher again

Howard Vyse busts a move

Baz does his best John Travolta

Crispy and Howard

Nosher plays a tune whilst Brenda, 'Mad' Sue and Janet look on

Nosher plays piano

'Kipper' John looks less than impressed

Geoff, Brenda, Janet and John

Geoff checks something out

Brenda and Janet

Traditional Christmas tree

An aerial view, prior to dinner kicking off

Relaxing up in the gallery


Brenda gets a cracker

Geoff roams around

Geoff sticks bottles of wine in Janet's ears

Geoff carves up the turkey

Christmas dinner occurs

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Nosher in a bow tie