Sean and Hamish

Sean and Hamish

Nosher, Hamish and Ruth

Sean, Hamish and some cheesecake

Nosher and Phil do a spot of leg wrestling

The leg wrestling is over for Nosher

Nosher gets up

Nigel and Phil wrestle

It's Hamish's turn on the floor

Hamish is in a tangle

Phil is struggling

More leg wrestling

Berenice brings in some chocolates

Chocolates all round

A round of applause

Nigel Mukherjee does a bit of gurning

Nigel holds court in some sort of drawing game

Phil does a thing involving walking on cans

Liz tries the can-walking thing

Walking on cans

Nigel tucks in to some grub

Hamish with a stack of food

Phil opens a bottle of fizz

Something is handed out

Phil and Nigel

Nigel does a spot of limboing

Another limbo moment

Phil sets up a Hot Wheels track

Hamish helps out with a bit of Hot Wheels

Hamish and Sean walk the back roads to New Milton

The rails to Bournemouth reflect the sun

The Lloyds of London building