We get ready for the carol singing

We get ready for the carol singing

Brenda, Linda, Janet and Geoff

Geoff chats to Janet

In the back of the van

A choirboy with a bottle of cloudy cider

More booze is passed around in the van

Geoff gets a cuddle to a flute accompaniment

Elteb Griffin, and a bloke with a clarinet

A gang of carol singers/musicians

Brenda and Geoff in a Harleston pub

There's a fire juggler by the tourist office

The juggler in front of Diss Publishing

Diss market place

Janet and Geoff in Browne's the butchers

A leg of lamb is prepared in Browne's

Roger Browne pours out some lemonade

Roger uncorks a bottle of something classy

Roger hands out sausage rolls

Janet, David and Linda in Merrick Hill

Janet pokes around Victoria Antiques

Geoff gets handed a glass of wine

Brenda, 'Mad' Sue and Janet in the lounge

Nosher plays piano

More piano action

Nosher on piano