A Stuston Bonfire Night, Suffolk - 5th November 1990

It's bonfire night around the back of Nosher's Stuston pad, as hosted by Geoff and Brenda.

next album: Carol Singing and Late Night Shopping, Stuston, Diss and Harleston, Norfolk - 16th December 1990
previous album: Cider Making, Stuston, Suffolk - 14th October 1990

Geoff hands out some pre-bonfire nuts

Linda and Brenda discuss something

Janet waves

Linda grabs a crisp

Geoff lights the bonfire

The guy is about to be flambeed

The bonfire goes up quickly

Brenda sticks some burgers on

Corky takes over on barbeque duty

Mad Sue hides behind Geoff's Arran jumper

Sue, Geoff and Linda

Geoff and Sue sit on an old bed

Corky tests his cooking

Geoff chucks some more fuel on to the fire

Brenda, Nosher and Mad Sue

Geoff scoops up Janet, who doesn't seem impressed

Geoff tries to throw Janet on to the bonfire

Janet has a swig from a demijohn of cider

The ladies have a fire dance

Geoff, Corky and Linda

Mad Sue in her wellies

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Geoff hands out some pre-bonfire nuts