The Henham Steam Fair, Henham, Suffolk - 19th September 1990

Another trip out with Geoff and Brenda - this time to the Henham Steam Fair near Southwold in Suffolk. There's time to poke around looking at old steam engines and farm machinery, and a chance to buy an antique set of kitchen scales.

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An old Massey combine harvester

A stationary engine chunts away

A group of traction engines, including 'The Liberator', from Injun Farm, bunwell

Blokes in boiler suits chat next to some smokey traction engines

Riding on the gallopers

The Downs's gallopers

Brenda, Geoff and Janet

Nosher buys a set of antique kitchen scales

We drive back via the harbour at Southwold

Phil comes to visit, and spins on the roundabout in Diss Park for a bit

A tiny Ransomes engine

A Ransomes thresher

A nice black traction engine

A conveyor belt takes wheat up to the thresher

A bloke in a sombrero plays 78 records on a gramophone

Someone gives a thatching demonstration

Sacks of wheat site by the thresher

Close up to the Ransomes thresher

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An old Massey combine harvester